Dangers Of Loose-Talks

Life is impossible without communication through speech, writing or gestures. The progress and development of the society are the results of such communication only. And most of the communication is made through constructive talks only. However, some people engage in the vague, baseless, meaningless, irresponsible, and unproductive conversations affecting the morale of other people. ‘Loose-talk’ is the familiar term used to denote such talks.

Generally, such foolish talks are the offshoot of any of these; inability, greed, selfishness, and superiority complex. It is characterized by the scant respect for others’ dignity and the implications. Such behavior becomes louder when a person is instigated by the surroundings and the hallucinatory effects of liquor or sedatives. Loose-talk falls an easy prey to the gossip mongers. Here, some of the real life situations are given to understand how this misdemeanour spoils the relationships and happiness of our life.

Home. Loose-talk appears when there is frustration or dissatisfaction among the family members. It results in casually blaming another without knowing the actual reasons or background is quite common. Some people even lack the basic sense and indulge in the undesirable commentary during the social gatherings such as marriages, festivals, etc. Passing adverse remarks on the sidelines, not only shocks the fellow guests, but spoils the purpose of a function or event itself. There are families that got shattered due to such nonsensical talks.

Office. Loose talk breeds enmity, conflict, disrepute, hatred, and disunity among the individuals working in an organization. The hotel owner enquired about the native place of the guest. Instead of limiting his reply to the point, the latter revealed all details such purpose and duration of his visit, and the place where he stayed. In another incident, the branch manager and the visiting auditors entered a hotel for lunch. Immediately, the senior auditor whispered to the manager not to spend more than 100 bucks for the junior auditor’s food bill. However, the manager, being a gentleman,didn’t like the rude behavior and brushed away the loose-talk of the senior inspector. This incident actually left a bad impression about the silly attitude.

Politics. Each political party intentionally cultivates some individuals to give loose-talk through irrational and defamatory speech. Because such talks tend to attract the audience easily. Some politicians attain notoriety for their absurdity unmindful of the libel suit filed against them. Not only that, loose-talks tend to foment the sentiments of a community or society creating enmity and conflicts.

Better avoid loose talk by limiting the length of any verbal interactions. Speak pleasantly and briefly to make others seek and hear more from others. In fact, silence proves to be more effective than a provocative answer.

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