It’s All a Symptom of Your Mindset

Whatever you are going through right now is a symptom of your mindset, expectations and beliefs. Your present life experiences are only a reflection of who you say you are and what the world is in relationship to you. Dis-ease, unhappiness, poverty are all symptoms of beliefs that are not in line with health, joy and abundant living.

We often state that thoughts become things but act and live as though that isn’t true. If thoughts do indeed become things you’d assume only the highest of thoughts would be held by each of us, but that is not the reality for most. Humanity struggles through pain, sickness and poverty while wishing for better and never realizing it due to held beliefs that thwart us at every turn.

According to researchers we are only conscious, or paying attention to ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, about 5% of the time. Our sub-conscious, which runs the show, is active 95% of the time. Of those sub-conscious programs running all day long 70% of them are counter to what we desire and actually sabotage our dreams!

We say we want health yet continue to think, feel and talk about how sick we are. We identify with the dis-ease with statements like, I Have ____. We talk about how much money and financial freedom we’d love to experience, all the while sharing our poor me stories with all who will listen. We want better relationships but discuss and blame our partners for all our woes.

NEVER will those thoughts, feelings and actions bring about the desired result. They will only bring about more of themselves. In order to experience something new you must be willing to stop identifying with the old state of mind, the old experience, and hold thoughts of a new desired state.

You can do it, you must practice it day in and day out. Notice when your thoughts and feelings are straying from your desired goal. Stop yourself in mid creation act of imagining how bad things are and how they will get worse. Replace them with a real to life mental imagined scene of health, wealth, relationship and stay in that scene as often as you can.

This will rewire the brain making it easier to stay in this mind set and assuring that you actually manifest the desired result. Don’t give up and go back to your default, stay the course, believe in the power within you right now to create a new experience.

There is nothing that can stop you from living your dreams outside of yourself. Give yourself permission to be health, happy, wealthy and wise.

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